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Have you seen the German advertisement of VW on YouTube where the character is a boy dressed as Darth Vader struggling to incite in him power to have influence on objects? The clip can be found on YouTube by entering “star wars VW advertisement” - we recommend it, because it is really funny. However, we have been most surprised with the impact power of this advertisement on children. We’ve decided to append this text with a photograph of the fan of this clip who would watch the video all over again until his impatient parents turned off the computer. When he saw the mask in a shop he couldn’t just pass by and the photo shows him returning from shopping. ;)

We’re writing about this because these are the stories that build our company, we do what we do thanks to them. We create mostly for children, combining new technologies, education and child’s imagination in our products. The ABC Media team is composed of specialists from various fields, brought close by their shared passion for creation of interactive worlds in the spirit of edutainment. We develop and release applications for the Internet, educational Internet websites, game lands, software for multimedia kiosks as well as iOS and Android portable platforms, taking care of their highest quality in terms of programming, artistic and material aspects. We also provide a rich offer of advertising surfaces, we develop and implement unconventional advertising companies addressed to parents. We create games where children can find colourful space for development of their passions, dreams and fantasies. We also make all effort so that the worlds created in our production company could gain trust of parents and teachers.

We are most known for the lulek.tv service and video clips on YouTube, watched 45 million times to date. We’re trying to have current knowledge about places children like visiting. It’s not easy to predict, but we’re really interested in it, so we’re trying to keep up! Would you like to use our potential or work with us? Write to us!



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