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Creation of graphics for children is a special task, requiring not only good workshop, but also intuition and knowledge of psychology, since the youngest children don’t perceive images as we, the adults, do and they are attracted by totally different elements of the picture. We make all effort to make our graphics like that: clear friendly colours, with expressly specified personalities of the characters visible on their faces. According to the psychologists, the youngest children at the pre-school age have problems with separation of elements of the image, with dividing it into parts and connecting them into a coherent whole. They are driven by the strong features of impulses: their easily perceptible properties which attract the attention of the child immediately, such as bright colours, clear shape. * Another feature of child’s observations is their strict connection to actions. The image of objects and its parts is formed for 6-year-olds on the basis of observations and practical activity only verifies the adequacy of the image. The observation is, therefore, separated from subjective action. ** We make effort to learn what children like which doesn’t mean that in our studio there are never any things created that the children shouldn’t see... ;).  In our company, preparation of graphics is usually connected with great emotions, it can always be even better and there are often “fights” for the colour of the teddy bear bus, excessively aggressive facial expression of a dwarf or haircut of Lulek’s mum ;). Would you like to use our potential, order an illustration, graphics, 2D animation, advertising spot, video clip, create a booklet? Create with us.

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