My Littleland - App for iOS 2013-09-19 15:37:48 Kategorie: Projects

“My Littleland” is the first part of a colourful application for iPad users. A joyful family the main characters of which are Lulek and Rosie invite to a wonderfully fable world where you can shave and dress your dad up, brush your teeth, milk a cow or wash a pony. There are also dwarves who keep cleaning all the time. From the house you can set off to the countryside where the grandma works and many animals live. 

Littleland is most probably situated somewhere near, but it’s really well hidden from the real world. There is an exceptional family living: mum, dad, Lulek and little Rosie as well as grandpa and grandma. There are also hardworking dwarfs running all around the land and cleaning. Sadly, they are too small to help in houseworks, to the great regret of Lulek when he’s cleaning his room.

In fact, we know nothing about this place. Contact details unknown and there are lots of untold stories about it. And that’s certainly the most important thing in it. Because there is nothing sadder than to take the key to world of imagination away from children... We hope that our colourful safe world will appeal to your children and encourage to a family play, incite creative thinking and be an incentive for many questions asked to the adults.

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