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“When Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appeared in the 80’s, no publisher wanted them. (...) In the end, the creators organised the funds themselves and started producing cartoons. James Cameron, the director of Titanic, withdrawn on the 2/3 of his way, as the studio had cut his budget due to the research proving that the film was not expected to be successful. After some time, he got back to work and the film brought the greatest commercial success in the history of cinema, generating the revenue of 1 835 400 000 dollars, as it tickled the teenagers’ fancy, mostly of girls who, according to the statistics, went to the cinema several times to see it.” *

Why do children like what they like? What needs to be done to create a world the children would want to keep imagining? What research needs to be conducted and what specialists should be turned to? It’s not that easy. Creation of a children’s brand can become a nightmare for any creative manager. One just has to surf a little bit on the Internet and see the efforts of multiple companies trying to “stick” the interactive worlds for children to their products, applying great budgets for this purpose. Sometimes it’s not enough to hire a good advertising company, draw a pretty character and create a website to be advertised. It would be too easy. Would you like to know how we built Littleland?  Why Lulek’s grandpa is searched in Google several thousand times per a month? Would you like to create a children brand? Let’s talk about this

* Dziecko Reklamy, Martin Lindstrom, Swiat Ksiazki, Warszawa 2005


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