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Our songs have been first released as supplementation to a PC game “Children’s Karaoke”. We wanted to refresh the hit songs remembered from our childhood. However, before the record was stamped in several thousands of issues, the works on the composition had taken very long and the musicians from the DB Studio from Wroclaw had to find in themselves a lot of patience regarding our remarks. We really wanted the music artists to to be enchanted by the tracks. On the other side, we said “no” to ear drumming beats, artificial sounds and voices of adults, modulated by a computer. We really liked the warm voice of Agata Baszla who sang all songs. The compositions were accepted only after the children started jumping and playing, reminding us our kindergarten times, when the song “The train is coming” was played. 

The great popularity of these songs and video clips was achieved due to the YouTube channel that generated over 45 million of views to date! We can ensure that our Littleland dwarfs had nothing to do with that ;).


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