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Lovable characters - Lulek and Rosie, encourage boys and girls to clean. While playing washing games or arranging objects in the kitchen, the children learn to segregate objects, differentiate colours and shapes as well as spatial relations. An additional attraction is a sound Dictionary where the youngest children can find a lot of new terms and learn what a mixer or cutlery are.

The application is intended for children at the age of at least 2 and it includes:
• dictionary with full explanation of terms, speaker and sound effects
• animated characters and menu with a window washing game
• guide for parents
• safety warnings

The games teach:
• differentiation of colours and shapes
• classification of objects
• new notions regarding house appliances and objects
• spatial relations - over, under, right, left, next to

Series with Lulek and Rosie.
These are educational games, stories and songs for children at the age of 2-6. In the fairytale Littleland girls and boys can fulfil their dreams and develop interests, regardless of the gender stereotypes. There is a family, friendly atmosphere, providing the youngest children with sense of safety and showing that it is nice to spend time with your family playing and doing everyday chores. New games from this series soon!


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